FACT corner

I am the Founder of FACT corner project. It is a community project organised to empower African youths  through webinars, online tutorials, workshops, talk shows, digital tools, online resources and support.

The core objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Provision of effective self-regulated webinars, workshops, online training, conferences, summer schools and social networking events to empower African youths with the required skills to function in the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Provision of educational panel discussion, interviews, and talk shows on trending topics around politics, governance, economic and  leadership opportunities for African youths.
  • Provision of summer schools, workshops and conferences to enhance the skill acquisition and development to African youths.
  • Focus on increasing the social interaction, brainstorming, mentoring, and capacity building of African youths
  • Focus on addressing the social, economic and political issues facing African youths such as unemployment, social discrimination, lack of inclusion in governance limited economic opportunities and threats of armed conflicts and organised violence etc.

On the project, I work with experts and stakeholders across different sectors in Africa to educate and inspire African youths.

Please visit http://www.factcorner.org to know more about FACT corner project.

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