The PETRAS (privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability and security) National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity provides national capability enabling the UK to become a world-leader in IoT and associated systems security. Its research focus is on the opportunities and threats that arise when Edge computing is deployed more widely in the economy and society: when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies move from being centralised systems to being run at the periphery of the Internet and local IoT networks.

The Centre is a consortium of 23 research institutions and the world’s largest socio-technical research centre focused on the future implementation of the Internet of Things. The research institutions are: UCL, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, Coventry University, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Lancaster University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, University of Southampton, University of Surrey, Tate, the University of Warwick, and Keele University.

As part of UKRI’s Security of Digital Technologies at the Periphery (SDTaP) programme, PETRAS runs open, national level funding calls which enable us to undertake cutting edge basic and applied research. We also support the early adoption of new technologies through close work with other members of the SDTaP programme, such as Innovate UK, supporting demonstrations of new technology and commercialisation processes.

Please visit to know more about the centre

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